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Highlands Ranch High School - Mr. Sedivy
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Colorado History

- Colorado History -
Colorado Geography Ativities / Worksheets

Colorado Map Activity

Map of Colorado
(Get Your Colorado Maps from Mr. Sedivy)

Instructions: Locate and label all physical and political features with the appropriate color code. If the wrong color code is used, this map will not be graded. You may use pencil temporarily but all pencil marks should be erased before handing in for a final grade.

Evaluation: Evaluation will be based upon accuracy of location, neatness, and spelling. After maps are completed, a test will be given and all material is fair game. It is very important that each student keep their map as accurate as possible to insure an acceptable grade on the map and exam.

Follow Instructions! Each student will only receive one blank map.

Absolute Location of Colorado: Black
Longitude and Latitude of each boarder.

Mountain Ranges: (CAPITAL letters) Green

Front Range
San Juan Mts

Park Range
Sangre de Cristo Range
Swatch Range
(You may abbreviate Mts.)

Peaks, Mesas, Plateaus, Parks: Green

Arapahoe Basin - The Legend
Battlement Mesa
Blanca Peak
Blue Mesa
Continental Divide
Grand Mesa
Longs Peak
Pikes Peak
Grays Peak
Torreys Peak
Medicine Bow Mountains
Mt. Elbert
Mt. Evans
Flat Tops Wilderness Area

Mt. Harvard
Platte - Arkansas Divide
San Luis Peak
Tarryall Mts.
Uncomahgre Plateau
Uncomahgre Peak
Wet Mountains
Winter Park
Daniels Park
Rampart Range
White River Plateau
Williams Fork Mountains
Yampa Plateau
Raton Mesa


Parks, National Monuments, Valleys: Brown

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument
Colorado National Monument
Dinosaur National Monument
Garden of the Gods
Great Sand Dunes National Monument
Mesa Verde National Park
Pawnee National Grasslands
Rocky Mountain National Park
Royal Gorge
San Luis Valley
Shadow Mountain Recreation Area
Taylor Park Recreation Area
North Park, Middle Park, and South Park

Waterways: Write name along line of river and outline the body of water in Blue. (Do not write upside down.)

Major River Systems: (CAPITAL letters) Blue

Colorado Arkansas Rio Grande

Other Rivers and Steams: Blue

Arikaree River
North Platte River
Blue River
Cherry Creek
San Juan River
Green River
Smoky Hill River
Yampa River
Little Snake River
Big Thompson River
Cache la Poudre River
Republican River
Fountain Creek
South Platte River
Heurfano River
Big Sandy Creek
Las Animal River
Purgatoire River
Dolores River
Sand Creek
Gunnison River
White River

Reservoirs: Blue

Antero Reservoir
Cheeseman Reservoir
Dillon Reservoir
Green Mountain Reservoir
Sterling Reservoir
Cherry Creek Reservoir
Chatfield Reservoir
Eleven Mile Reservoir
Horsetooth Reservoir
Taylor Park Reservoir

States Bordering Colorado: (CAPITAL letters) Black

Cities and Towns: Black

Cripple Creek
Fort Collins
Pagosa Springs
Thornton (9)
Wheatridge (11)
Arvada (1)
Cannon City
Denver (4)

Fort Garland

Kit Carson
Littleton (8)
Monte Vista
Castle Rock
Englewood (5)

Fort Lupton
Glenwood Springs
Highlands Ranch (7)



Poncha Springs
Rio Blanco
Steamboat Springs
Aurora (2)
Broomfield (3)

Central City
Colorado Springs
Crested Butte
Estes Park
Fort Morgan
Golden (6)


La Junta



Rocky Ford
Buena Vista
Cheyenne Wells
Del Norte
Grand Junction
Idaho Springs
Manitou Springs
Westminster (10)

NOTE: For the eleven italicized cities of the Denver Metropolitan Area, use the numbers rather than the names.

Counties: Write the name of all counties along the line of a northern or southern boarder.

Red Gold Rush Routes: Yellow Highlighter - Highlight and label in black.

Santa Fe Trail and the Cimmeron cut off
Platte River Route
Smoky Hill Trail
Levenworth and Pikes Peak Route
Republican River Route

Miscellaneous: Use your choice of colors other than that of a color already used.

Amtrak Route through Colorado
Interstate 25 through Colorado
Moffat Rail Road Tunnel
Red Rocks Ampatheater
Red Mountain Pass
Wolfcreek Pass
St. Vrain Nuclear Plant
Fort Robidoux
Bent's Fort
Lowest elevation in the state
Durango Silverton Railroad
Interstate 70 through Colorado
Eisenhower Tunnel
Denver International Airport
Freemont Pass
Boreas Pass
Fort Vasquez
Coors Field

Color Key: Be sure to place a color key somewhere outside the Colorado border.

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- Colorado History In Depth -
Lecture Notes, Reading, and Information:

| The Cheyenne Migration to Colorado |
| The Gratlan Affair, Massacre, Fort Laramie Treaty |

The Cheyenne Social Club
| A Cheyenne War Story: Wolf Road, the Runner |
| Cheyenne Traditions and Beliefs, Sacred Stories |
| Horses, Warriors, War Pipe, Sweatlodge Ceremony |
| Cheyenne War Parties and Battle Tactics |
| The Scalp Dance and Other Cheyenne Dances |

Fort Union
| The Sante Fe Trail and Fort Union |
| Sumner - Ninth Military Department / The First Fort Union |
| Early Arrivals to Fort Union, Daily Life at Fort Union |
| Captain Grover - The New Fort Union, the Confederate Threat |
| Fort Union Arsenal, William Shoemaker, End of Fort Union |

Americans from the East
| Thomas Jefferson, the Louisiana Purchase |
| The Expedition of Zebulon Pike |
| Pikes Peak or Bust / Colorado Gold Rush |

Colorado's Role in the US Civil War
| The Civil War, Fort Wise / Fort Lyon |
| Mace's Hole, Colonel Canby, F.C.V.R. | Fort Weld |
| The Pet Lambs, John Chivington |
| General Henry Sibly, Battle of Valverde, Fort Union |

Cripple Creek District Labor Strikes
| The Western Federation of Miners / State Militia |
| The 1893 - 1894 Strike | The Strike of 1903 - 1904 |
| The Mine Owners Association |
| Crimes and Military Rule in the Cripple Creek District |
| Marshall Law in Cripple Creek District / End of the Strike |
Early Cripple Creek District
| Photos, Fire, and Life in Cripple Creek |
| Other Colorful Towns in the Cripple Creek District:
Gillett - Colorado's Only Bullfight, Victor, Independence
| A Guide to the Miners' Gritty Lingo |

More Colorado History Information
| Bent's Fort Photos, Personalities, Plans, and More |

| What Was Easter Like at Bent's Fort? |
| Colorado Trivia, Miscellaneous Old Photos,
Western Personalities, Forts, and More

| Lullabies for Jittery Cows - Cowboy Ballads |
| Heraldry of the Branding Iron |
| Project Aims to Clear Infamous Cannibal, Alferd Packer |
Lead Gives Alferd Packer's Story More Weight |
| Legendary Colorado Love Stories: Baby Doe Tabor & More |
| Colorado Pioneer Women: Elizabeth Byers |
| Early Denver Jokes / The History of April Fools' Day |

Colorado History Book Review Info
| Colorado History Book Review List |
Sample Critical Book Reviews

| Bent | Summit |

Colorado History Research Activity
| Sand Creek |

Colorado Geography Activities / Worksheets
| Colorado Map Activity | Mountain Passes | Mining Camps |
| Mineral Names | Fun Names | Indian Names | Spanish Names |

Relevant Colorado History Movies - Viewer Worksheets
| Pueblo Cliff Dwellers | Little Big Man |
| A Man Called Horse | Jeremiah Johnson |

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